Albury Street Rodders History

Albury Street Rodders were first formed in the shed of the first President Colin Manglesdorf on the 13th September, 1972 with 3 other members. The name was chosen on that evening, but it wasn't until 8th January 1973 (and 10 members strong), that they were recognised as a club and joined the ASRF. (this was the first club affiliated with the ASRF that had street rodders in it's name.)

Prospective new members then had to attend 2 meetings and be voted in. Membership grew to 25 with meetings being held at Lavington Public Hall on the first Monday of each month. The club address at that time was 365 Sioux Court, Lavington. NSW.

In those early years some of the members kept their projects at a large shed where they each rented a space to store and work on the projects. Below is a few pictures from those times.

The Club went to the first Street Rod Nationals at Narrandera and has returned there many times over the years, including for the Narrandera Annual Show to drive Miss Showgirl around the arena. And of course to the Narrandera Rod & Custom Run every easter, at which the club cooks breakfast on the Saturday to feed rodders from most states of Australia.

   2012 marked the 40th anniversary, and a small celarbration was had at the Siesta Resort.     2017 marked the 45th anniversary since the club was formed, and membership then was a firm 45 members.

Over the past 45 years the club has organised many events as well as attending rod runs in many states, including Tasmania.

The Albury Street Rodders members attend Rod Runs and Swap meets all over Australia and overseas. There is always a club run for the month. The club also involves its self with charity work and has raised many thousands of dollars for local and national charities.  If you have an interest in Hotrods, Customs, American Muscle cars, or pre 80's chrome bumpered modified cars and pickup trucks, the Albury Street Rodders welcomes you to come along to a club meeting, please Contact Us for more information.

These days the club rooms are near the airport just off the Riverina Hwy. Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 7.30pm. The AGM is held in July, following the monthly meeting.

Regular events in present times are coffee morning at the Baker, Barista & Brewer. Wodonga Place Albury ( just over the NSW/Vic border ) Which now has a good following from other car enthusiasts on the border, with fellow rodders passing thru the border region also dropping in for a coffee and chat.

We have monthly runs to a selected bar or cafe in one of the many surrounding towns, at which we meet with other clubs.  The club also meets at a chosen location to have a club cruise to many of the show N shines held by neighboring clubs.

Most club members are always happy to display their cars at charity events to help draw a bigger attendance.

An annual event the club organises each year is The Shed Run, where we visit sheds with cars under construction and some private collections of cars and memorabilia. These runs usually start with breakfast at the first shed, and end with a counter meal after the last shed.

A perpetual trophy is awarded to the car that has most represented the club over the previous financial year. Each year at the AGM cars are nominated and then put to a vote to choose the winner. Eligibility criteria is that the car must have been entered and attended an ASRF Nationals  and been in the club more than 12 months.

Pictured below is a list of the winners, with this years winning car in the background.

                   years listed below are year started representing the club. eg  1999 is July 1999 till June 2000

   1979 - G. Robb  56 Ford Pickup                                                           1980 - P. McDonald 46 Ford Sedan

   1981 - C. Gilmore 48 Anglia Tourer                                                   1982 - S Dowsett 32 Ford Roadster

   1983 - S. Dowsett 32 Ford Roadster                                                   1984 - P. Ingram 28 ford Roadster

   1985 - C. Walther 48 Ford Prefect                                                       1986 - G. Clark 56 Ford Pickup

   1987 - T. Thorn 34 Chev Coupe                                                             1988 - P. Walther 47 Ford Anglia

   1989 - R. Prosser 32 Ford Coupe                                                          1990 - P. Sterling 37 Chev Sloper

   1991 - G. Benson 28 Ford Tudor                                                            1992 - P. Ingram 32 Ford Pheaton

   1993 - G. Mudford 42 Ford Tudor                                                         1994 - G. Mudford 42 Ford Tudor

   1995 - G. Mudford 42 Ford Tudor                                                         1996 - G. Mudford 42 Ford Tudor

   1997 - D. Walther 33 Dodge Coupe                                                       1998 - D. Walther 33 Dodge Coupe

   1999 - K. Manglesdorf 35 Ford Coupe                                                  2000 - G. Sterling 35 Ford Tudor

   2001 - T. Thorn 32 Ford Tourer                                                             2002 - S. Walsh 37 Ford Sedan

   2003 - K. Phillips 37 Ford Coupe                                                           2004 - T. Thorn 32 Ford Tourer

   2005 - D. Walther 33 Dodge Coupe                                                      2006 - G. Frohling 35 Ford Tourer

   2007 - D. Walther 33 Dodge Coupe                                                      2008 - S. Walsh 35 Ford Roadster

   2009 - P. Ingram 32 Ford Tourer                                                          2010 - S. Moir 34 Ford Tudor

   2011 - P. McCallum 34 Plymouth Sedan                                             2012 - S. Walsh 41 Ford Pickup

   2013 - G. Smith 48 Ford Anglia                                                              2014 - C. Manglesdorf 36 Ford Cabriolet

   2015 - D. Wilkinson 37 Ford Sedan                                                      2016 - D. Baldwin 34 Chev Sedan

   2017 - D. Grant 35 Ford Tudor                                                               2018 - M. Dove  55  Chev Sedan

  2019 - S. Walsh 37 Ford Sedan



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