Shed Run 2019

Although the shed run was at a later date this year, it was still a huge success.  The starting point was at Auto Pro in Drome Street, with bacon & eggs on the bbq. Matt from Auto Pro provided an interesting talk about the V8 race car that the family races. It took a bit to get everyone to start their engines to go to the second shed, which housed a collection of cars ranging from classics to rods and a drag car.

Third stop was a private collection of classic and sports cars, housed in a huge garage with polished floor. It had the impression of a car museum, and was well worth seeing.

Stop four was at Dewars engine rebuilding workshop, where a vast array of machinery was to be seen. There were a variety of engines being rebuilt or awaiting a rebuild, including performance engines, flat head V8's and some radial aircraft engines.

Final stop was at a members shed that had lots to see plus an awesome project that was fired up after all had finished eating a well prepared lunch.

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